Materials we use for your baby's knits

Cotton is great for baby knits worn indoors as well as during summer and mild-weather, it is also perfect for all-year accessories like blankets. Cotton is:

We use several lines (German, Scandinavian and local Ontario-sourced yarn brands) of 100% natural cotton. 

Wool is amazing on many levels, it is the oldest and remains the most versatile and functional of yarns. Wool is:

We use a Peruvian line of baby-soft 100% wool for Lulé lil'boot.

Alpaca is easily our most favourite fiber and it works particularly well for baby wear. It is:

We use several lines (all Scandinavian yarn brands) of 100% alpaca as well as alpaca mixes with the addition of wool or silk.

Mohair and silk mix fiber adds that extra softness and feather-light volume ideal for the Lulé baby ballerina skirts; we use Scandinavian yarn brands for these projects.